Business Litigation

LeClair & LeClair, P.C. has extensive experience representing its clients in both state and federal courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the New England region, in a wide range of complex litigation matters. These matters have included claims arising out of the sale or development of real estate, director and officer liability action, land use and real estate title issues, partnership disputes, unfair and deceptive business practices, fraud actions, breach of fiduciary duty cases, intellectual property disputes, employment litigation, as well as breach of contract actions arising out of franchise agreements, construction contracts and sales agreements. LeClair & LeClair, P.C. has also represented banks and other financial institutions in collection matters, contract actions and lender liability claims.

In addition to representing its clients before various courts, our attorneys have handled numerous arbitrations and actions before various administrative bodies.

LeClair & LeClair, P.C.'s approach to litigation is to first determine our client's goals and objectives; then determine the range of possible outcomes and their respective probabilities, and then develop the most cost effective strategy to obtain the client's objectives and desired goals.

In addition to aggressively representing our clients within the court system, our attorneys share extensive experience in successfully resolving cases through the use of alternative dispute resolution, including, case evaluation, advisory jury trials, mediation and arbitration.

Our attorneys are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients' long term goals and objectives. As with all aspects of our practice, it is our goal to develop a long term attorney-client relationship. Our clients rely upon us for our sound judgment and experience. In addition to actually litigating matters for our clients, we consistently counsel our clients to assist in avoiding litigation. Our attorneys have been successful in assisting our clients to avoid litigation by providing sound advice prior to the dispute arising.