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For Your Business, Your Home, Your Family And Your Future

LeClair & LeClair, P.C., is a Waltham, Massachusetts, law firm skilled in several practice areas, including divorce, employment law, personal injury, real estate law, general business law and business litigation. Unlike many firms, we work with both transactional matters such as real estate sales and high-stakes litigation.

Our clients include major corporations, small businesses, families and individuals. We have been representing some of our clients for many years, working on solutions to a variety of legal issues as they arise.

Background In Business

Our background in business law gives us unusual insight into the financial aspects of our other practice areas. For example, when we represent personal injury clients, we draw on our knowledge and experience in business and corporate law to help them recover maximum compensation for their damages.

In divorce cases, our business background allows us to better represent clients who have complex assets such as stock options and ownership stakes in businesses.

When representing workers who have been discriminated against or otherwise mistreated at work, our business background helps us understand the best ways to gather evidence, negotiate, litigate and find solutions that will help our clients.

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If your business needs the help of an attorney who is experienced with both transactional matters and litigation or if you need an experienced lawyer for a divorce, a personal injury claim or a real estate matter, contact LeClair & LeClair today. You can call us at 781-839-9894 or contact us by email.

We represent individuals and businesses in Waltham, Massachusetts, and Middlesex County and throughout the Boston area.


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